PDF documents are an environmentally friendly way to communicate, but only if you don’t click the Print button.

Join with us to raise World awareness on this issue.

Put the "Print Less" awareness pop-up box on all of your PDF documents today.

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The document will be returned to you with the the GreenPDF awareness objects injected.

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Wan't to learn more about the impact of printing?
Download the full Global Warming Initiatives presentation.

The Green PDF: Reducing Greenhouse Gass Emissions One Ream at a Time (2MB PDF)

Getting The Word Out

GreenPDF.com meets Al Gore at PDF2007 in Orlando FL

At the event, the PDF community embraces the
GreenPDF.com project.

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The mission of Global Warming Initiatives, INC is to assist businesses in turning energy efficiency and environmental performance into a corporate asset while reducing global warming. GWI also aims to educate members of the community with the hope that they will carry these initiatives throughout their lives .

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